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August 31, 2018

Want to play lacrosse during the most beautiful time of year in Beijing? Of course you do!!! Sign up below to register for the season and a team.

Beijing Lacrosse-China National Team Friendly

July 06, 2018

Beijing Lacrosse had the rare opportunity to play against the China National Team and send of some of our very own Beijing based players! Congrats to Team China for a well fought tournament, can't wait for 2022!

2018 Capital Cup!

June 08, 2018

Beijing Lacrosse and Beijing Sports University hosted the 2018 Capital Cup welcoming men's and women's teams from Shanghai, and the first national appearance of the Wuhan University Men's team. The day included men's and women's championship games, and exhibition matches for some extra joy play, and finally a good ole traditional lacrosse rager at Eudora Station on the other side of the city. Results of the games are below:

Beijing Sports University vs. Wuhan University- Beijing Sports University

Beijing Men's vs. Shanghai Men's- Shanghai Men's 

Beijing Women's vs. Shanghai Women's- Shanghai Women's

Beijing Wins 2017 Battle on the Bund

June 16, 2017

In a momentous victory for the program, the Beijing lacrosse squad achieved their first victory over Shanghai with a final score of 26-19. Congratulations to the team that made it down: John, Tom, Jimmy, Stefan, Francesca, Ryan, Christine, and Jack.

Many thanks to our gracious hosts down in Shanghai, looking forward to a rematch in the Capital Cup!

2017 Spring Season Ends with Yanjing Victory

June 09, 2017

After a hotly contested regular season, Hongxing and Yanjing met in the championship with records of 5-3 and 3-5 respectively. Despite being the underdog, Yanjing showed its true colors when it mattered most, showing up in full force and claiming the 2017 spring title by one goal.

2017 Spring Game 1

March 24, 2017

HONGXING shows that with the fire in the bellies, they didn’t need any subs, to hand YANJING their first (of many) losses in the Spring 2017 season. Freshman Goalie, @Dewey proved he had what it takes to shut down underhanded shooter @Jack and long-pole @Stefan by intelligently placing his body directly in front of the ball… In the end, ball control and teamwork put HONGXING on top 12-9 in the season opener. The ladies teams got an assist from of couple of the mens’ team players to fill out their rosters, @Christine often ran the wrong way, and great fun was had by all…

Overall, @JohnWar killed it with the pennies and shorts, and the team looked sharp (if not slightly “still drunk”/ hungover), with minimal confusion on who was on which team…(see @Christine above) Pictures coming soon!

2017 Spring Practice 3

March 20, 2017

Warm-ups. Line drills. Players learned some of @JohnWar’s sweet face-off skills, then jumped into 3 v 2 fast breaks. Beijing Lacrosse also saw the return of its Energizer Bunny, @Kate, fresh off a gnarly bike spill, chasing down ground balls all over the field, and generally making all us look fat and/or lazy…

FIREBALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a pretty great scrimmage all around, until, a fireball, falling towards the field became the object of @Guy’s desire. He jumped, (not high) but upon his return to earth, POP! Ankle done… But, on a positive note, the new field house café has popsicles for icing injuries, as well as fixing boo boos. @Tom came through with a “Hutong Stretcher” to get our fallen soldier to the gate safely…

… Pictures coming soon!

2017 Spring Practice 2

March 17, 2017

A beautiful Saturday run for the Beijing Lacrosse team! While our numbers were fairly low, the team put on a clinic for the hometown crowd at Chaoyang Park. Practice got a bit of a late start as the players slowly emerged from their beds, still sweating green beer from the St. Patricks Day parties the night before. In the end, it was ALL local keeper @GANG absolutely killing it in the net, and making everyone earn each and every goal. Pictures coming soon!

2017 Spring First Practice!!!

March 13, 2017

Welcome to all of those that are new to Lacrosse or Beijing LAX, or who will JOIN US SOON!

After a long winter hibernation, the Beijing Lacrosse club took to the field for their first practice of the season. Excitement and peach blossoms filled the thankfully clean air. The team, exhausted from hustlin’, boozing and general indoor winter debauchery, gave up on Coach Tom’s two lap warm-up run around the field, after a single lap…it’s a 50 meter field. Shockingly, the players were able to quickly form a circle for stretching / general insults and teasing.

Line drills looked pretty good, and it seems the rust was breaking away quickly for the players’ sticks, as well as muscles. New players, including our Beijing LAX Ladies, learned BASIC man-up/man-down situations, the old vets enjoyed beating on each-other a bit (thnx @Stefan & @Jimmy), and @JohnWawr resembled a young (tall?) Matt Damon (minus pony-tail) as the Great Wall goalie extraordinaire.

F I R E B A A A A A A A A A A A A A A L L L L L L ! …(full-field scrimmage highlights)

  • “Who’s on defense?”

  • “Who’s on my team?”

  • @Francis shot and STUFFED by Beijing LAX rookie @Kelso

  • “@Christine! LAX rookie @Kelso

  • @Jimmy goes COAST TO COAST like a rhino with a butterfly net!

  • @Francis shot and STUFFED again by Beijing LAX rookie @Kelso

  • What color is my jersey?”

  • @Francis shot and STUFFED AGAIN by Beijing LAX rookie @Kelso

  • “Oh man, it’s gonna be a fun fu**ing season!”

  • @Francis shot and STUFFED AGAIN by Beijing LAX rookie @Kelso

  • @Francis shot and STUFFED AGAIN by Beijing LAX rookie @Kelso

  • @CoachTom hits the game winner!

 and then we went home… and cried. Tears of pain from bones and muscles; tears of joy because lacrosse is fun. No tears from pollution this time,

And that was practice number ONE.

Thanks to everyone who came out: Francis, Mitch, Francesca, Ryan, Chris, Christine, John, Krista, Jack, Rebecca, Stefan, Michael, Guy, Tom, Kelso, Jimmy, Bobby, and Bowen!

2017 Jersey Design Contest Winners

The polls are closed and the votes have been tallied! The teams for this year will be Yanjing vs Hongxing! Now that we've got our teams and uniforms settled, we need YOU to fill them! Please register by clicking on the link below.

Spring Registration Opens 2/1/17

January 18, 2017

Register between 2/1/17 and 2/28/17 to get in on our 8-week spring season. Games will be played weekly on Saturdays. More details to come.

Beijing Falls to Shanghai in Capital Cup Heartbreaker

January 18, 2017

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